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Julie M. Willingham farm2gates at
Fri Sep 22 11:40:25 EDT 2000

   Our weather here in southeastern WA was very dry; I don't remember it
raining all summer, though two or three times is usual. We had our usual
straight week of 100+ and scattered days of 100+ in late July and early
August. It has also been windier than usual the last two years, not as much
in the number of days as in the windspeed.
   Our last two winters have also been warm enough that some garlic sprouted
in the warm periods, only to be killed by later frost. We almost never have
reliable snow cover, a reason for our 7 to 10 inch annual precipitation.
However, I worked outside all winter in 1993/4 and 1994/5, and several times
it was below zero.


The Farm of Two Gates
zone 6b in the low, dry, hot part of Washington

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