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Sue Oberle soberle at
Thu Sep 21 14:29:48 EDT 2000

We've broken all kinds of heat records here in N. Colorado. 60+ days over 90; many of
those over 95. And, while erraric weather is natural for this part of the country, I'm
amazed that I can be so heat stressed I'm sick at last Saturday's market (97; no warning)
to be followed by this upcoming Sat. where the high is projected at 45 (includes rain &
wet snow.........something we haven't seen in ages).

Also quite dry overall, we're way below our average moisture, but once again, wide
fluctuations are normal for us in this realm, too. Pretty much, it amounts to cross your
fingers, pray & hope for the best when we plant.


Sue Oberle
Oberle Botanical
Fort Collins, Colorado
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