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Thu Sep 21 14:34:35 EDT 2000

There is much talk of global climate change, and a growing consensus at
least in the scientific community that global warming or, perhaps more
accurately, global climate instability is a fact.  Our goal with this
question is not to settle anything or even offer evidence one way or
another. We are just curious: how has this season's weather been (and
perhaps the last couple or few seasons) for you, compared to other growing
seasons? We have heard of, for example, the coolest July in memory in
Illinois and a season characterized by excessive rain and storms following a
serious drought the previous year in parts of the NE US.

Here in our part of northern Lower Michigan we have enjoyed almost enough
moisture and relatively moderate temperatures, more or less what we might
expect here. Though the threat of frost in late July was a bit much, and we
have had more thunderstorms than I can ever remember...The previous two
years, on the other hand, have been very hot and dry, including very mild

Jim and Jo
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