Jerry Brunetti's Holistic Livestock Health Workshop Added

Allan Balliett igg at
Wed Sep 20 11:14:37 EDT 2000

Jerry Brunetti, founder of Agri-Dynamics, and a nationally recognized 
authority on holistic animal health, has announced that he will 
present a 3-hour workshop on natural livestock care at the 
Mid-Atlantic Biodynamic Food and Farming Conference in Charlestown, 
WV, Sept 29 - October 1. A formulator of nutriceutical products for 
animals, Mr Brunetti is a frequent speaker at the ACRES USA 
conference and many regional organic conferences. His workshop is 
scheduled for Saturday, Oct 30 and will not be in conflict with any 
of the John Trudell performances that are occurring that day.

For those who have never heard Mr. Brunetti speak, don't worry about 
this being a sales pitch disguised as a seminar. Jerry is more likely 
to give you planting recommendations for herbal leys and hedgerows - 
and explain why our grandfathers always tended to the ones they had 
established on their successful farms - than he is to ever mention 
one of his own products.

-Allan Balliett

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