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On Sat, Sep 16, 2000 at 01:05:09PM -0800, Martin Koenig wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a sprinkler that really works?
> I have a small 1 1/2 acre farm with a drip system set up for my raised
> beds but this time of year I am trying to get cover crops into my field
> crop areas (my goal is always mid-September) and then hope for rain.
> Trouble is, the seed can then sit there for weeks in dusty soil (no rain
> since June) waiting for the rains to arrive.  I understand that
> inoculated legumes should be irrigated immediately after planting (if
> nature doesn't cooperate) and I would love to find a sprinkler that can
> do the job efficiently, I have tried many different sprinklers over the
> past number of years and they either break after a short time (including
> two different Gardena sprinklers) or they do not water evenly.
> Any suggestions, along with sources for puchasing such sprinklers would
> be greatly appreciated!
You don't say how large an area you are trying to bring up, but I have 
had fair luck in fields that are 50'+ wide and 300'+ length with two 
1) A string of micro sprinklers on moveable stakes can water a strip 
10-15' wide and about two hundred feet long (about 30 sprinklers) when 
fed from a single 16mm tube attached to a hose bib.  The sprinklers cost 
about $1 each while the 16mm tube is about $.05 per foot.  I normally run 
such a configuration 1/2 to 1 day per set.
2) A small "Water Reel" will provide quite uniform coverage, but cost 
about $2000 and requires around 20gpm at 40psi or more.  This will 
cover a strip nearly 200' in length and 60-80' wide with a single 3/4" 
impact sprinkler head.

Much of my irrigation is from T-Tape buried in 5' c-c beds and I do 
have a very difficult time getting anything germinated in dry weather 
with the T-Tape alone.

I recommend Irrigation Mart in Louisana as a source:

Onward!  Through the Fog!

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