Martin Koenig koehoe at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 16 17:05:09 EDT 2000

Can anyone recommend a sprinkler that really works?

I have a small 1 1/2 acre farm with a drip system set up for my raised
beds but this time of year I am trying to get cover crops into my field
crop areas (my goal is always mid-September) and then hope for rain.
Trouble is, the seed can then sit there for weeks in dusty soil (no rain

since June) waiting for the rains to arrive.  I understand that
inoculated legumes should be irrigated immediately after planting (if
nature doesn't cooperate) and I would love to find a sprinkler that can
do the job efficiently, I have tried many different sprinklers over the
past number of years and they either break after a short time (including

two different Gardena sprinklers) or they do not water evenly.

Any suggestions, along with sources for puchasing such sprinklers would
be greatly appreciated!

Blue Moon Farm
Vashon, WA

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