market-farming digest: September 11, 2000

Hook Family guldann at
Tue Sep 12 22:32:38 EDT 2000

Yikes thats a good one.  First go to your nearest farm stand and grocery
store and see what the going rate is.  The grocery store will be cheaper.
Charge the same or a tiny bit less than nearest farm stand.  In our area
central Massachsetts Pumpkins have been about $.39 a pound at most farm
stands I don't really remember but the grocery store was $.25-.30lb.  Corn
stalks are about $3-4 a bunch with a bunch being 6 ish stalks. I was
visiting my friend in the Seattle area one autumn with in the past two years
and pumpkins were $.25lb.  I was amazed, while my area is fairly affluent I
think her area is more affluent and  pumpkins were cheaper.  More supply?
Good luck people tend to pay more for the decorative stuff than the edible.

> what is a good price to charge for pumpkins and corn stalks?
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