small haying equipment

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Tue Sep 5 17:07:44 EDT 2000

I helped my father hay, same way, hand rake the hay into row, can't say I
liked the job I can still feel the hay stuck to my hot 10 year old person,
horse drawn rake behind an old ford tractor(I learned to drive it when I was
about 10) wish we had that tractor now.  My father then stacked it into one
haystack from which we feed our sheep.  But as I recall the haystack lasted
well keeped the hay nice and edible.  Beth

> When I was a kid, quite a few years ago, thank you, I helped my dad make
> haystacks and you could do this too.  We mowed the hay, used an old
> horse-drawn rake behind the Farmall Cub to make windrows (I think that's
> what they're called).  Then we hooked up a skid thing to the Cub and went
> around and picked up the hay with forks.  Then we made a haystack.   We
> made the base, then as the stack got higher, it got more and more narrow
> and the top was rounded off.  Probably could put a tarp over the top and
> anchor it into the ground with ropes.  The stack was wonderful for sliding
> down too.
> Marie in Missouri
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