small haying equipment

Windwalker windwalker at
Tue Sep 5 11:47:02 EDT 2000

We are looking for small haying equipment that could be used in conjunction
with our BCS walk-behind tractor.  We saw the article in Acres last month
and it started us thinking about haying on a small scale.  We have relied on
a local farmer for several years now and consequently have no hay this year
because he just didn't get around to it when we had hay in June.  We've just
now broken our three week string of 100º+ weather, no rain since June and,
of course, no hay in the pasture.  So we'd like to regain control of our
haying situation so that our horses and sheep aren't left ever again in the
position they are right now, without hay and nothing to eat.  But we'd like
to do this on a human scale rather than buy some old haying equipment that
requires constant repair.  We have the sickle bar attachment for the BCS, we
just need a baler.  Anybody know of one?

joan vibert
windwalker farm
ottawa, kansas

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