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The Vermillenium: International Conference  on Vermiculture and


September 16-22, 2000
?Merging the best from science and industry.?

Fourth Circular

The twenty years since the pivotal conference, ?The Role of Earthworms
in the Stabilization of Organic Residues,? held in Kalamazoo, Michigan
USA in 1980, have seen important developments in vermicomposting and
vermiculture. Vermiculture and vermicomposting involve breeding
earthworms to provide populations and biomass, and using them for
converting organic waste into plant growth media.

Significant developments in vermiculture and vermicomposting  since
have included:
     Engineered large-scale vermicomposting systems
     Enhanced production of plants using vermicompost
     Systems for turning wastes into nutrient-rich media to enhance
agricultural production and reduce fertilizer input  and costs
     Field applications of vermicompost to increase crop production
     Evidence of pathogen reduction in biosolids with  vermicomposting
     Production of pharmaceuticals utilizing earthworm biomass
     Understanding microbiological relationships in earthworm system

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