blister beetles, squash borers, etc.

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hi vic and pat 

there is a biological agent, similar to Bt, that is supposed to work well on the blister beetles....look back at the thread  on "holistic approach to blister beetles" - There is a supplier to talk to, if you want to go the biological route - call them, The Green Spot, in New Hampshire, ask for Mike Cherim (he is good) at 603-942-8925

what pesticide did you use?  what usually happens with any organic/non-toxic pesticide is that the company doesnt give you enough directions to use it effectively...they DO work, but they take more careful application and have do be done more thoughtfully than the Ortho type broad spectrum pesticides... 

"Growing for Market" has a great resource person write a column every month, "The Organic Advisor"  (you can call him as a consultant - dont know the charge but he is amazing - not only does he tell how to deal with the problem right then and there, but WHY that problem arose in the first place and what to do with your soil, fertility program, etc. to PREVENT IT NEXT TIME)  

His name:
Amigo Cantisano, Organic Ag Advisors at  530-268-6563
PO Box 403 Cedar Ridge, CA 95924

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