beetles, stink bugs, vine borers

Martin Koenig koehoe at
Mon Sep 4 10:26:38 EDT 2000

I recently read in Elliot Coleman's book that a vacuum was very
effective in controling beetles.  I had a serious flea beetle
infestation and remembered a small vacuum I bought years ago for
cleaning the inside of my computer--very light weight and gentle.  Since
I am a small-scale grower and only had one 3'x50' bed of infested plants
to do, I ran a couple of extension cords from the closest outlet and
vacuumed away!  Worked great!!

Margaret Hoeffel
Blue Moon Farm
Vashon, WA

Vic & Pat Jackowsky wrote:

> Can anyone tell me what will get rid of beetles, stink bugs and vine
> borers? We are over-run with them and have resorted to a pesticide
> that the little suckers are laughing at!  HELP?!?! Thanks,Pat  Vic &
> Pat Jackowsky
> Lazy J Farms
> Coahoma, MS
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