Lettuce/salad greens harvest containers, washing devices and large spinner (sources needed)

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>Do you remember what the grower's name was, or where he was located?

It was Larry's Farm and his last name will come to me eventually. I
think the location may be in Iowa somewhere as I seem to have seen
some business names with Iowa locations in the video. When I remember
his full name I'll post it here. It would be easy to go to the PBS
website and look for info on the show and/or look for a URL for
Karen's Perennial Gardener show.

He grew baby salad greens, other vegetables and many thousands of
garlic plants, different varieties. Much info on growing, harvesting
and storing garlic plus a book recommendation. They string tied
bundles of pulled garlic, whole plants, for drying, which was done
in a large grain drying shed. They tied the bundles to very heavy
welded galvanized wire sheets set up vertically as walls/partitions
within the shed arranged for good air flow for drying.

A friend videotaped the show so I hope to get a copy and will take


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