Lettuce/salad greens harvest containers, washing devices and large spinner (sources needed)

Jill Taylor Bussiere jdt at itol.com
Sun Sep 3 08:59:55 EDT 2000

Do you remember what the grower's name was, or where he was located?
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> On PBS TV today I was amazed to see on Karen Strobeim's "Perennial
> Gardener" a visit and interview with a large market vegetable grower
> in the midwest who seels to farmer's markets, restaurants and through
> his CSA. He was shown harvesting baby red leaf lettuce with grass hand
> shears and putting the cuttings into a nicely made plastic tub with a
> white plastic liner (bag) the contents of which was later dumped into
> a big nylon net bag immersed in another plastic tub - for washing.
> Lettuce was later put into a huge orange plastic "salad spinner" for
> dewatering.
> Anyone know where to order equipment of this sort, obviously well made
> and durable for the professional market gardener.
> Many thanks for any leads.
> LL
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