Speedling Trays vs. TLC Plug Flats

jrei at uswest.net jrei at uswest.net
Mon Oct 30 22:49:41 EST 2000

Hi Mike,

Are you using the Speedling trays on rails or boards to allow for natural root pruning
to take place? I have used just about every imaginable tray configuration but find
Speedling the easiest to get the plugs out. We use automated transplanters and use just
shy of 4000 speedling trays every spring.

Joel @ Territorial

Mike Steinberg wrote:

> Our farm grows lots of lettuce transplants and we used Speedling
> trays(200) this year. The trays are OK but it is difficult to get the
> transplants out of the speedlings. We are thinking of using TLC 128 or 200
> Plug Flats next season. If you have experience using these flats, or other
> suggestions for flats, it would be appreciated. Also, what is a good
> reasonable source for TLC plug flats.
> Mike
> Flying Frog Farm
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