Seed Sources

Peter Worsley pwors at
Mon Oct 30 15:21:36 EST 2000

I've had good luck with Territorials Seeds, except for summer & winter
squash. With Yellow Crookneck, I've had some plants which produce huge,
hard-shelled squash, the same color and shape as Crookneck, but
completely inedible. With Delicata, I've had the same results- some
plants seem to produce very large, very thick-shelled squash which are
the same color as Delicata, but much larger and so thick-skinned as to
be unuseable. Also, a good percentage of my Delicata this year turned
out to be Sweet Dumpling instead of the regular Delicata. As a result, I
had very little Delicata to sell this year. The Tyee spinach, ordered in
early spring, which I use almost exclusively, seems to weaken in vigor
and germination percentage by fall. I wonder if anyone else has had
these expereiences?

I like Hermosa Valley Seeds also. They specialize in lettuce & salad mix
seeds, but have basic varieties of most other vegetables also. They have
a beautiful little catalog. Also Cook's
Garden and Shepherd's Seeds are great for unusual varieties of lettuce.

Seeds are the least expensive of all the supplies I buy each year
(compare to irrigation supplies or electric fence supplies or fuel), and
would be well worth the cost even at double their current prices.

Good Luck- Peter

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