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I totally agree with you on seed "quality"!  To many folks try to cut
corners with cheap seed and it usually only brings them headaches.  As a
Crop Consultant, I recommend that you do not scrimp on cost savings when it
comes to buying seed!!!!

Peg Cook
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> Hi Becky,
> Couldn't let this one go by without comment. You might want to give our
commercial sales
> coordinator, Josh, a call at Territorial Seed Company or e-mail him at
tsc at
> We are distributors for every major seed supplier in the world, but I
would have to say
> that our pricing structure is similar to Johnny's. You will also find a
great deal of
> organic seed in our 2001 catalog.
> As to the comments on price, I can only say that they will continue to
increase. In
> relationship to other parts of the world, quality seed is priced quite
cheaply in the
> US. Many of the very same varieties that we import and sell to US growers
are sold in
> Europe for two or three times the price. European producers begrudgedly
sell seed to the
> US at a lower price than they will sell it in there own county but I see
this trend
> changing. There are no price breaks this year for high quality organic
seed that we are
> buying from Germany, Holland and Switzerland.
> We request only the top germinating portion of the crop, we conduct
extensive trialing,
> lot growouts and multiple germination tests. We conduct seed vigor testing
as well as
> disease screening of seed lots. These all cost money, but it's done to
provide you the
> growers with the best seed that we can and in the long run will only pay
for itself.
> We are certifying our own organic seed production ground and have added 30
> acres to our conventional seed production farms this year. Because of land
and labor
> costs organic seed can be produced slightly less expensively here in the
US. We are
> constructing a seed research facility and conditioning plant in an effort
to make our
> seed processing more efficient in order to hold costs down and continue to
offer good
> varieties at good prices.
> I know this does not address your concerns, but as a farmer myself for 20
years I would
> only say that good seed pays it doesn't cost!
> Best Regards,
> Joel
> Jwf267 at wrote:
> > Does anyone know of sources of seed that are less expensive than
> > The farm where I work uses a large quantity of seed of herbs and
> > steadily as the year goes on, not just in the spring. We have checked
> > but they have a limited time when their seed is available.  Are there
> > other possibilities?  We are also interested in organic seed.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Becky French
> > Lanham, MD
> >
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