Seed Sources

Del Williams delannw at
Mon Oct 30 06:49:04 EST 2000

I can't resist.

As much as I like to support and purchase from some of those recommended
companies, I also think that supporting my business with reasonable pricing
would be a good business approach as well.  Are growers not important?

It isn't that we "get what we pay for".  It is that those companies will
charge what we are willing to bear.  The same is true for produce.  I am
never one for giving your excellent quality produce away for less than a
reasonable profit.  On the other hand, I think there is something wrong with
gouging the customer under a quality pretense.  It ain't always true.

By the way, isn't  that the pricing approach that has resulted in a jump in
the cost of oil?  No one is slowing down around here.  I can't see why we
shouldn't pay at least another 50 cents a gallon...especially for good gas.


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