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Sun Oct 29 13:34:28 EST 2000

In general, we have found Johnny's to have the highest quality seeds 
available, especially if you are restricted to untreated seeds which can be 
hard to obtain from other companies marketing to professional growers.  I 
have often been able to look at a flat or row planted to Johnny's seeds and 
see a clear difference in germination and vigor between it and a similar 
variety planted nearby.

As I tell my customers at Farmers Market when they complain about my high 
prices, you get what you pay for.

Chris Blanchard

At 09:20 AM 2000-10-29 -0500, you wrote:
>Does anyone know of sources of seed that are less expensive than Johnny's?
>The farm where I work uses a large quantity of seed of herbs and vegetables
>steadily as the year goes on, not just in the spring. We have checked Fedco,
>but they have a limited time when their seed is available.  Are there any
>other possibilities?  We are also interested in organic seed.
>Becky French
>Lanham, MD
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