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>Lower priced seed is often regraded seed from last season some companys only use fresh
>seed and only if it meets their standard of quality the bad stuff is sent to the budget
>priced companys, Harris-Moran, Asgrow, and Siegers seed companys always sell quality
>seed, try calling Bryan Hannigan at 1-856-4786399 in NJ he is the sales rep for Siegers
>seed and works very closely with mid Atlantic vegetable and herb growers, I preorder
>some seed up to a year in advance and schedule shipping dates ahead of time...

And many other mail order seed companies carry the same quality seeds
as the above mentioned companies, possibly getting their seeds from
them for resale as well. These smaller vendors often do their own
testing of seeds each year for viability (maybe they're also testing
seeds from last year's stocks too for sale in the current year - they
will always let you know if they are old seeds and tested germination
rate). Their prices are always equal to or better than Asgrow and
others. Jeffreys Seed Co. in Goldsboro NC is a good source as is
Holmes and a few others I have catalogs for.

Better to buy from Johnny's, Bountiful Gardens, Peaceful Valley,
Seed Savers Exchange, and many of the other small, quality, sometimes
organic mail order vendors, if at all possible to keep them in
business. You will find varieties there you will not be able to get
from Asgrow or other multinationals and you will be supporting a good
cause, as will your clients when buying from you, most likely.

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