Lowering pH - Argggghhh

David King agreenman at netscape.net
Sat Oct 21 14:55:51 EDT 2000

Whoops.  Sorry about my last post - I meant to send it to David & Crystal only
- just proves that hitting the send button with out careful consideration can
and does result in screw-ups.  I don't want my time wasted with private
conversation on a list serve - I don't have the time to waste.  So, I am

On this same thread, Peg Cook is 100% right on in her insistance that we all
get soil tests BEFORE we do ANYTHING to the soil.  It is the most common
overlooked mistake we all make.  Imagine getting a new car and going into it
immediately, replacing the brakes, the axel, the transmission without
determining if anything is wrong, or if something is wrong to attempt to fix
it without determing WHAT is wrong?  We would all say such a person is a
little looney and not very smart about his/her money.  Yet this is something
gardeners/farmers do every day without a 2nd thought.  A $35 (or less - I
think Peg said "free"?????) soil test will save you, your significant other,
your bank account and (for some of us) the amount of "shine we present to the
sun" a lot if only the patience and fortitude of a few days/weeks to find out
what really is the state of your soil - to say nothing of the angst it might
save your plants and your earthworms.

It is the right thing to do and frugal as well.

David King
Consulting Horticulturalist

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