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I have just finished putting the "Common Sense Market Farm Production" program together.  Below is a description of the program.  If anyone is interested in purchasing the program or has questions about, please send me a private email.

Common Sense Market Farm Production is a program is designed for Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs, and Small Fruits that involves intensive, nutrient management of crops through timely soil tests. It teaches the Grower how to work with his/her soil resources and, how to put this information into practical application in their gardens and fields. This program can be applied to any size market farm operation from small commercial gardens to hundred of acres.

Common Sense Market Farm Production emphasizes soil quality and nutrient management, thus, optimizing crop production while lessening cost and environmental risks of over applications from fertilizers, manure and soil amendments.

Common Sense Market Farm Production contains a Market Farm Almanac for tracking crop(s) inputs and yields along with diagnostic charts for solving nutritional problems encountered during the growing season. Other resources included are a handout on Organic Fertilizers & Their Uses, Weed Directory of Soil Conditions, Understanding Soil Test Results, Toughening Up Transplants, and a Companion Planting Guide along with a Soil Sample Kit to help you get started on a regular soil testing program.  A complete Resource Guide, on soil factors and organisms that are necessary for optimum plant growth, is also included.

Program Cost:  $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping & handling.

This program has been put together as a Resource Management Tool to be used year after year.

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