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I would strongly recommend to get a soil sample tested first.  In my 29
years of testing, I have found where organic matter can get to high in the
soil.  This usually shows a soil imbalance, and usually Calcium is
deficient, a main nutrient needed by soil microbes to help break down O.M.

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> I live in a high rainfall area and am converting from chemical to
> organic farming and I am getting an adequate crop from planting  green
> beans and soy beans ( edamame) and following with a cover crop.  After
> the cover crop I follow with a short crop of greens and radish.  With
> this rotation will I need to add minerals or will alternating with a
> cover crop provide adequate nutrition.  Will I accumulate too much
> nitrogen by covercroppping after each crop. I hope to get two rotations
> a year.
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