[Lowering pH]

David King agreenman at netscape.net
Fri Oct 20 11:53:52 EDT 2000

Um, Charlie - 

Retake your reading - measure twice, cut once.  I'm wondering if you actually
have an accurate reading and wouldn't spend a dime until you have made
absolutely certain that you have a correct evaluation.

Secondly, the suggestions I've read so far will work.  BUT, only for a short
amount of time - it takes the will and patience of God - or persistance and
checking account of substance - to overcome that much of a divergence from the
ideal.  (Each number up on the pH scale represents a 1000 fold increase in

However.  Soil science is understanding the relationship of mycorrhizae more
and what they will accomplish for the roots.  It seems that these bacteria can
change the pH of the soil in the immediate presence of the plant roots.  This
will prove more cost beneficial - and you cannot overdo it with mycorrhizae. 
They will only change the pH for the root to the pH ideal for that plant's
roots in the immediate area around the roots.  More better.

So retest.  If it's really that high, look into mycorrhizae.  

David King
Consulting Horticulturalist

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