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	The 2000 Midwest Small Farm Conference and Trade
Show will be held on November 17 & 18 at the 4-H Exhibition
Center in Noblesville, Indiana (northeast Indianapolis). The theme
is Small Is Beautiful.
	The conference purpose is to present reliable information
that can help family farm become sustainable; that is: profitable, 
contributing to the health of ecosystems and being a key part of 
their community. 
	The speakers include some nationally known authors and
some university researchers, but most are farmers involved in 
organic or reduced chemical production. 
	Jerry Brunetti will be present the Keynotes of Livestock
Health, and Holistic Livestock Nutrition. Rex Spray has farmed 550
acres organically since 1972 and will offer his insights to maintaining 
long-term organic production. 
	Art Biggert supplies organic vegetables, small fruits and
chicken to 55 family subscribers to his CSA on Bainbridge Island,
Washington- all from 1/12 acres. He will present Small Farm 
Business Plans (economies of integration).  A second seminar will
cover Compost Tea: How to Make It, How To Use It.
	Richard DeWilde has built a sustainable farming system with
55 acres of organic production in Wisconsin. He will tell all about 
Controlling Weeds and Other Pests With Soil Fertility.
	 When Sandie Shores wrote the book, Growing and Selling 
Fresh-Cut Herbs, she had built a successful business based on the
title. She will tell everyone how it can be done.
	Other of the twenty four seminar presentations will cover 
topics such as building soils for better crops, beneficial insects,
buying rural property, sustainable community energy systems,  
the importance of farm biodiversity, sources of information for 
sustainable agriculture and on-farm distillation of essential oils.
	Many of the seminars will focus on production, adding 
value and marketing for farm enterprise topics such as meat goats,
fancy mushrooms,  cheesemaking, sheep, a portable poultry 
processing facility, selling to restaurants, and more.
	Keynotes for the conference are The Importance of
Local Economies by Michael Shuman, author of Going Local; and
John Ikerd, retired agricultural economist (Univ. Missouri) 
presenting Economics as If People Mattered.
	For a conference brochure, contact Sustainable Earth at 
100 Georgton Ct., W. Lafayette, IN 47906, (765) 463-9366, or 
email sbonney at iquest.net

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