market-farming and csa lists

Nancy Haycock nhaycock at
Thu Oct 19 16:06:13 EDT 2000

I continue to be interested in the market farming list. I hope it stays around.
perhaps it will pick up with the colder weather.

"Lawrence F. London, Jr." wrote:

> Dear list subscribers:
> The csa and market-farming lists are experiencing extremely low
> traffic and I am interested in feedback regarding whether they should
> be continued or taken offline. If the consensus is to keep them, I
> will, otherwise I will remove them from the natural agriculture
> heirarchy of forums they exist within. The same applies to the
> farmers-markets, soil-quality, seed-saving and permaculture-calendar
> lists. The permaculture list will remain since it has regular traffic
> year after year.
> Maybe its the time of the year and things will improve as winter rolls
> in , maybe not; maybe uasge of the Web and forums has changed
> dramatically in the recent past.
> Personally, I need these forums and am reluctant to see them go
> but the time I'd save not having to maintain them could be well used
> on other projects I am involved with.
> Stats on these lists are:
> Number of subscribers as of 10/13/2000:
> csa   119
> farmers-markets   62
> market-farming   364
> seed-saving   76
> soil-quality   127
> Another option would be to combine all of these lists into one,
> market-farming, maybe this would be the best choice.
> Suggestions welcome.
> Lawrence London
> site administrator: natural agriculture forum heirarchy
> co-owner csa
> owner (all the rest)
> <>
> Lawrence F. London, Jr.
> lflondon at
> london at
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