Timber harvest

EvansKnob at aol.com EvansKnob at aol.com
Wed Oct 18 22:08:13 EDT 2000

We have a Central Boiler from somewhere out west.  It is a wood burning 
outdoor furnace that hooks into our exhisting ductwork.  There is a heat 
exchanger that looks like a car radiator attached to the front of the propane 
gas furnace.  When the blower kicks on the air passes over the exchanger and 
into the heating ducts.  It can also be rigged up to use under the floor 
pipes that heat the floor.  There is a special name for that kind of set up, 
but I can't think of it. It comes in various sizes and prices, but ours is 
the smaller of the set and cost us around 5,000 installed.  It has more that 
cut our heating bill in half.  I can look up the information on where and 
such if you are interested.  I'm not sure what wood is selling for here, as 
we are so busy it keeps us hopping to keep up with what we will use 
ourselves.  Hope this helps.

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