market-farming digest: October 06, 2000

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Tue Oct 17 15:31:17 EDT 2000

You can't go wrong with Joel. He's a well grounded, inspiring and
professional speaker. He's put together a philosophy that is good for the
soul as well as the farmin'. When I read one of his books I feel a peaceful
enthusiasm come over me. Marcy and I have played his videos ragged.

We've read and tried his competitors philosophies and techniques and have
found Joel's approach to work at a level that doesn't require a PhD but is
profitable and enjoyable at the same time.

Many of his various competitors stuff is less well thought out and caused us
problems so we will still consider their ideas but won't search them out
like we will Joel's. We feel excited when a new idea from Joel arrives as
it's usually good stuff.

I think it's because Joel seems to like farming. He seems to arrive without
the power trip and personal problems that some other "experts" seem to have
that cause their theories and practices to be more oriented to personal
power, selling books or seats at a seminar rather than getting into farming.
Joel seems to like farming and passing on the farming stuff.

In Joel's writings and interactions I have noticed he typically pushes for a
partnership and sharing among people. He seems to like people's different
ideas. He seems safe to interact with.

Anyway, we use lots of his techniques here and they have batteries included.

I don't get a kickback - just enthusiastic and recommending a guy who
presents stuff that really works and is worth listening to IMHO.

Marc Nameth

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