Unsubscribing from list - howto

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflondon at mindspring.com
Tue Oct 17 14:47:33 EDT 2000

There's an auto-reply URL at the bottom of each message from the list;
just click on this and it will send an unsub message to the list's
Lyris server to get it done for you automatically.

About this method from the FAQ:
"At the end of every post to this list there is text at the bottom of
the page with automated unsubscription info and procedure. Here is a
sample from a typical post:"
You are currently subscribed to 
market-farming as: <your email address>

To unsubscribe send a blank email to
leave-market-farming-<user number>@franklin.oit.unc.edu
leave-market-farming at franklin.oit.unc.edu

OR Self-unsubscribe by accessing the website at


Other methods described in the FAQ

Send email to:
lyris at franklin.oit.unc.edu

In the message text type:
unsubscribe market-farming
leave market-farming

or just send email to this address:
leave-market-farming at franklin.oit.unc.edu

Or contact me for assistance:

Lawrence London
Owner: market-farming list
lflondon at mindspring.com or  london at mindspring.com


Lawrence F. London, Jr. 
lflondon at mindspring.com    
london at metalab.unc.edu

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