Mule vs Gator

HackettShark at HackettShark at
Tue Oct 17 08:53:51 EDT 2000

I have had a JD gator for a number of years, bought it in the eighty's,used, 
and I have had very good luck with it.  It is one item on the farm I will not 
do without.  We do about 10 acres of Vegetables and herbs and I'm an amuptee 
so it is my legs when I get tired.  I've had no trouble with it at all.  It 
is statring to use a little oil but I'm using it all the time to haul things 
and pull my sprayer tank 200 gal , and pull my wood trailer in and out of the 
timber ,5 X 10 trailer.  It is easy to operate so i have little trouble with 
the hired help using it as well, Top speed is only about 12 mph so it is nice 
and wide wheel base it is safe for most people.   The gator gets my vote.

Phil Hackett
Homeside Farm Market & Greenhouses
Carson Iowa

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