News about the Future of our Food and Farms Summit

Del Williams delannw at
Mon Oct 16 06:01:24 EDT 2000

I just read this entire posting on the  food and farming summit.  A featured speaker, Dennis Avery, is not a friend to small farms and farmers.  He has worked diligently to undermine small organic and sustainable farmers in the United States while promoting the interests of large seed, fertilizer and pesticide/herbicide companies.  He is well funded by them as well.

Avery works for the Hudson Institute. The Center for Global Food Issues is part of that organization.  Those companies (implied above) that fund the Hudson Institute through very generous donations (that gain them access to congressional representatives and other government officials) want us all to think that genetically modified plants and pesticide use are necessary to feed a starving world.  Avery has written a book with a title like, "How Pesticides and Plastic Will Save the World."  Go to the Hudson Institute's website and read all about it.

Many of you will recall the ABC 20/20 show last winter  where John Stossel and Dennis Avery made the claim that people are likely to die from eating organic produce (contaminated with e coli).  What kind of conference would promote this man as a featured speaker?

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