Winter Lettuce

robert schuler sunnfarm at
Mon Oct 16 01:51:47 EDT 2000

You can order hoop wire from Market Farm Implement at 814-4431931 thats in PA. page 11 in
their 2000 catalog they have every type of specialty inplement for small vegetable and
fruit farming, or Nolts Produce Supplies at 717 6569764 in Lancaster PA. they have a very
good catalog of small farm supplies for vegetable growers and they are also  market
farmers too. If you believe that small farmers should support small farm suppliers as I do
then give them a call.
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ.

The Nasbys' wrote:

> > You can purchase pre cut 76" long lengths of 3/16 steel wire that are
> specially made to
> > support row covers for about 38 cents each, you set them 4-5 feet apart
> over a 4ft. bed
> > providing about 12" high tunnel and cover with 1.25 mill tunnel plastic.
> BTW overwintering
> > vegetables unprotected works here partly because we have well drained
> sandy soils that
> > absorb and slowly release heat and we seldom get temps below 10* above
> zero...
> > Sunny Meadow Farm
> > Bridgeton, NJ
> Where can you purchase these?
> Heather
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