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>While I once was on the CSA list I think I am currently on the soil quality list  and was
>surprised by all this unexpected traffic. I vote for a combined list if its relevant to
>"Market Farming", hopefully of the sustainable, and/or organic type. 

CSA and soil-quality and several other lists have already been
combined into market-farming. These other lists still exist but for
archived post reading only. If there is a need I can start them back
up for subscription at any time.

>All the topics mentioned are relevant to us.


>I'll digest it as suggested  tho and hope things don't go
>We decided not to bother growing sweet corn , being unable to say for sure
>it didn't carry a transgene. Having suffered the indignity of losing the right to grow
>corn I'm not sure how to approach this in an unactivistic way.... ,  ideas for buffering
>corn, cheap and reliable tests are not roads I'm ready yet to go down.  What constitutes
>activism Lawrence? Not sure I can be a passivist on this one.

You are talking about agriculture and ag-tech not activism for
activism's sake alone. Have at it. If discussion of activism and
activist strategies is desired here by all means do it. What seems to
clog up the list is constant crossposting of activist news,
calls-to-action  and updates from other lists and newsgroups, items
not necessarily related to market-farming. Some is OK, more would
probably be considered off-topic.

>Also interested in farmers co-op marketing strategies in particular..anyone doing a year
>round farmers co-op CSA?

I would really be interested in hearing about this also. Setting up a
marketing co-op seems as if it would be the most difficult
of all the marketing strategies serving the needs of farmers,
especially small ones: consider the need for cooler/storage,
publicity/office/communication, delivery, storefront. trade
association, advertising, insurance, etc.
>Anne on Sudoa Farm


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