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While I once was on the CSA list I think I am currently on the soil quality list  and was
surprised by all this unexpected traffic. I vote for a combined list if its relevant to
"Market Farming", hopefully of the sustainable, and/or organic type.  All the topics
mentioned are relevant to us. I'll digest it as suggested  tho and hope things don't go
too off topic.

We've not slowed down yet here with carrots still to harvest, the fields to clean up and
the equipment to stow away but the end is within view. A couple of things I'd like to
think about this winter:

Contamination from GMOs:
Who out there was bullied by GE corn  this season and threw down their seeds in disgust -
we didn't grow it this year because our neighbour grew forage corn TMFbt  (totally managed
feedstuffs with bacteria thuregensis) There was also herbicide resistant corn sold in the
interior of BC. We decided not to bother growing sweet corn , being unable to say for sure
it didn't carry a transgene. Having suffered the indignity of losing the right to grow
corn I'm not sure how to approach this in an unactivistic way.... ,  ideas for buffering
corn, cheap and reliable tests are not roads I'm ready yet to go down.  What constitutes
activism Lawrence? Not sure I can be a passivist on this one.

Also interested in farmers co-op marketing strategies in particular..anyone doing a year
round farmers co-op CSA?

Anne on Sudoa Farm

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