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On Sat, 14 Oct 2000 11:52:21 -0500, Bob Batson <rcb at> wrote:

>At 6:53 AM -0500 10/14/00, <acg at> wrote:
>>I would like to suggest that the postings be combined into just one email
>>per day.  Is that possible?  I am on the Community Food Security Coalition's
>>list serve and appreciate having all the emails combined and reading them at
>>one time each evening.
>I agree!! A digest format of the market-farming and csa lists would 
>be vastly easier for folks to read.

Hello Bob:

Everyone can configure the way the list's output is presented to them.

Just follow these steps:

Go to:
Enter the email ID you used to subscribe to the list with and your
password if you subscribed with one, then click on the 2 buttons to
enter the list proper.

Then click on the "Your Settings" button .....

Then open the Status options pull-down menu .....

and pick the receive mail option that suits you;
the DIGEST option allows you to receive one message
per day containing all the messages posted to the list for that day.


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