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Sat Oct 14 13:17:11 EDT 2000

A digest may be easier but how could you develop the digest.   Think about
it.  No one could respond to a query quickly because the subject would be
held to be placed in the digest at the end of the day (?)

Lawrence referred to a way listed in the FAQ to develop your own digest.
Check it out.

Bill & Linda Barry
Barry Farm
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> At 6:53 AM -0500 10/14/00, <acg at> wrote:
> >I would like to suggest that the postings be combined into just one email
> >per day.  Is that possible?  I am on the Community Food Security
> >list serve and appreciate having all the emails combined and reading them
> >one time each evening.
> I agree!! A digest format of the market-farming and csa lists would
> be vastly easier for folks to read.
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