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>I would like to suggest that the postings be combined into just one email
>per day.  Is that possible?  I am on the Community Food Security Coalition's
>list serve and appreciate having all the emails combined and reading them at
>one time each evening.

You can set your user configuration to send you combined daily posts
as a digest. See the FAQ for specific instructions or just go to the
web page for the list, login and make the changes there.
The FAQ is:
and you can login at:
or browse/search/read the message archives without logging in at:

All the lists mentioned before have been combined in one,
market-farming. Most anything you can think of that is
related to market farming is appropriate for discussion here, except
religious, political or activist debate. Crosspostings of activist
updates and news of a general nature, related to agriculture,
aren't really much use here and should be kept to an absolute minimum;
this has been a problem in the past and I am grateful that we've seen
so little of this over the past year. 

I'm delighted that so many of you find this list useful. If you will
let others know about it in the hopes of increasing our subscriber
base, we will acquire an even greater and more diverse range of 
experience, knowledge, skills and opinion for all to tap into.

Thanks for your participation.


Lawrence F. London, Jr. 
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