Winter Lettuce

robert schuler sunnfarm at
Sat Oct 14 09:48:49 EDT 2000

Winter lettuce/ spinach which do you mean?,It depends on the climate in your area around
here in south Jersey there is about 5000 acres of winter spinach being seeded now for
harvest in the spring the crop overwinters quite well. There are also many fields of leaf
type lettuce just comming up seeded like spinach on raised beds on 12" wide rows that are
now being covered with row covers for protection there are lots of fields just seeded to
mustard greens, leeks and parsley too, many folks around here seed lettuce and endive in
unheated greenhouses around December 1 to plant by late Feb  to early March so don't give
up because its too cold.
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ.

Leslie Griffith wrote:

> In the interest of increasing traffic, I'd like your input on the above
> subject.
> I read great interest the article in Growing for Market regarding planting
> winter spinach.  Have any of you tried it?  I'm going to throw out some seed
> this morning and see what happens.
> Les in Cleveland, MO
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