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Sat Oct 14 07:53:23 EDT 2000

I would like to suggest that the postings be combined into just one email
per day.  Is that possible?  I am on the Community Food Security Coalition's
list serve and appreciate having all the emails combined and reading them at
one time each evening.

Terri Buchanan
Executive Director
Austin Community Gardens

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> I for one would really miss these list,even though I don't talk much, I do
> listen a lot to what people in the business have to say.  There is so much
> negative going on in agriculture ,this is one positive area I really
> I don't know about the other operators on the list,myself we have had a
> really good season until the freeze hit last week and shut us down for
> season.  This is our last week at the Farmers Market until next year, I
> really miss the interaction with our customers.  Hope you decide to keep
> list going.
> Phil Hackett
> Carson, Iowa
> Homeside Farm Market & Greenhouses
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