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Lawrence, I think combining the lists is a good idea.  I think you need to
send an explanation note saying something like the following topics MAY  be
discussed on this list: farmer's market, seed saving, and CSA etc. to save
us all from the posts I hate the most:"thats inappropriate for this list" I
did not realize there was a seed saving list I am most interested to hear
from those folks.  I am experimenting with a bit of seed saving.  I've been
lurking all summer bone tired and just no energy to post. But still
enjoyed,. Thanks  Beth
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> Update 10-14-2000  1PM
> The csa, farmers-markets, seed-saving and soil-quality lists have been
> combined into this one, market-farming, which will remain online
> permanently. These lists still exist with public access limited to the
> message archives for continued searching and reading; they will remain
> online permanently for this purpose and in case they ever need to be
> revived.
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