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William Barry unclebil at
Fri Oct 13 23:20:20 EDT 2000

We like the info we receive from these lists but it would make it easier for
us and more informative for everyone if these lists were combined.  The flow
of information is very valuable to us and we assume to others on the lists.

As for us, we are at end of season and cleaning up and getting ready for
winter.  Possibly others are at the "exhausted" stage as we are and have
little time or energy left right now.

Just remember the next garden season starts with planning in two months.

Bill & Linda Barry
Barry Farm
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> Dear list subscribers:
> The csa and market-farming lists are experiencing extremely low
> traffic and I am interested in feedback regarding whether they should
> be continued or taken offline. If the consensus is to keep them, I
> will, otherwise I will remove them from the natural agriculture
> heirarchy of forums they exist within. The same applies to the
> farmers-markets, soil-quality, seed-saving and permaculture-calendar
> lists. The permaculture list will remain since it has regular traffic
> year after year.
> Maybe its the time of the year and things will improve as winter rolls
> in , maybe not; maybe uasge of the Web and forums has changed
> dramatically in the recent past.
> Personally, I need these forums and am reluctant to see them go
> but the time I'd save not having to maintain them could be well used
> on other projects I am involved with.
> Stats on these lists are:
> Number of subscribers as of 10/13/2000:
> csa   119
> farmers-markets   62
> market-farming   364
> seed-saving   76
> soil-quality   127
> Another option would be to combine all of these lists into one,
> market-farming, maybe this would be the best choice.
> Suggestions welcome.
> Lawrence London
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> owner (all the rest)
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