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Future of Our Food and Farms Summit

The Future of our Food and Farms Summit will be held Nov. 30-Dec. 1 at the
Hilton in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. This year's theme is "New Connections:
Creating Partnerships in Farming and Food Distribution in the Mid-Atlantic
Region." You'll want to attend if you are involved in farming, food 
distribution or hunger prevention efforts in the Middle Atlantic region. 

Guest speakers include Dennis Avery of the Center for Global Food Issues and 
Rebecca J. Goldburg of  Environmental Defense who will be discussing 
genetically modified organisms (GMO's) -- as well as John Ikerd, Ph.D., of 
the University of Missouri who will talk about "Reconnecting People through 
Food and Farming". Special sessions on youth in agriculture and.......the  
premier of a community food security documentary. 

For more information: 
<A HREF="">The Future of 
Our Food and Farms</A>
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