market-farming digest: October 04, 2000

Julie M. Willingham farm2gates at
Mon Oct 9 15:34:25 EDT 2000


We have been hauling free manure mixed with pine shavings for almost 18
months from a 45 horse stable 2 miles from our farm. I have been
(negatively) impressed with the amount of weed seed in the manure. It seems
that many stabled horses here are fed grass hay or mixed grass/alfalfa hay,
and that is where the seeds originate.

Some of the manure is now almost 12 months old and weed seed is still a
problem. That is why we are building a front loader for our tractor to help
us "hot" compost it. 

That said, I still think you should take the manure if it is free.


The Farm of Two Gates 
zone 6b in the low, dry, hot part of Washington
>  We have access to unlimited amounts of horse manure mixed with pine
>  shavings. The feed for the animals contains no antibiotics or other
>  harmful products. I would like to hear some ideas about the use of this
>  product as a fertilizer on our organic farm. The manure comes from their
>  stalls so weeds, etc. is not an issue. We allow the manure to sit for
>  about six months prior to spreading on the field. Any suggestions/ideas
>  regarding its use would be appreciated.
>  Mike
>  Flying Frog Farm

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