Horse manure as a fertilizer

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If your soil tests show that you have sufficient P and K then, I do not
think that you would need to add them at this time.  What you may want to
think about is adding them maybe, every 3 years or so.  I would recommend
you get a soil test done every 3 years as well so you know what needs to be
added.  The other nutrient you may be deficient in is Calcium.  With a
clayey soil, the compost could cause Calcium to become tied up as well as P
and K.

Does this answer your question?  I would still recommend a soil test first
to know where you need to go for adding your soil amendments.

Peg Cook
Cook's Consulting

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> Peg,
> Is it necessary to add rock dusts to compost to insure adequate P and K
> clay soils?  We have assumed, and our soil tests indicate, that P and K
> there in sufficient supply since ours is clayey glacial till.  So we just
> work on getting a good green and brown balance in the compost to break
> to nice tilthy texture.  Are we missing something here that doesn't show
> on lab soil tests?
> Bob Gregson
> Island Meadow Farm
> Vashon Island, WA
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