Harvesting chard/kale

robert schuler sunnfarm at bellatlantic.net
Thu Oct 5 01:48:13 EDT 2000

Kale gets planted here in late Feb. seeded 4 rows to a bed the inexpensive Vates type then
covered with remay, plants are cut when 12-14" tall at soil level packed into 1/2 bu boxed
with ice, the plants do come back before going to seed. I don't know too much about chard,
many farms around grow it, I saw a nice 10 acre block being picked yesterday they only cut
the centers leaving the older leaves they were irrigating today so I guess they will be
going for another cutting sorry I cant be more help but I would recommend you sidedress
after each cutting to maintain vigor, locally I see many acres of greens being seeded to
over winter under row covers, spinach 4" tall,  parsley just coming up and many acres of
leeks just going in this week
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ

Mike Steinberg wrote:

> I would like some advice on the number of times a person can harvest chard
> and/or kale on a commercial basis. We usually just strip the leaves from
> the plants, let them grow large again, and then harvest again. Seems like
> the quality of the leaves does deteriorate after a few cuttings and
> insects then seem to attack-especially aphids. Also, if we cut the chard
> down to the crown, will the new growth be as healthy as new plants would
> be?
> Mike
> Flying Frog Farm
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