Horse manure as a fertilizer

Martin Koenig koehoe at
Wed Oct 4 21:57:57 EDT 2000

We use lots of composted horse manure, although ONLY mixed with straw.  We compost it for
4-6 months, depending on how fresh it is.  We have gotten some horse manure mixed with
shavings and will never do it again.  Shavings can take a year or more to really break
down.  I also like the way the horse manure conditions our clay soil but am looking
forward to getting chickens so that I can have a compost with higher fertility than the

Margaret Hoeffel
Blue Moon Farm
Pacific NW

Mike Steinberg wrote:

> We have access to unlimited amounts of horse manure mixed with pine
> shavings. The feed for the animals contains no antibiotics or other
> harmful products. I would like to hear some ideas about the use of this
> product as a fertilizer on our organic farm. The manure comes from their
> stalls so weeds, etc. is not an issue. We allow the manure to sit for
> about six months prior to spreading on the field. Any suggestions/ideas
> regarding its use would be appreciated.
> Mike
> Flying Frog Farm
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