Horse manure as a fertilizer

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Wed Oct 4 19:46:22 EDT 2000


My only complaint about horse manure echoes Lucy's comment on weed seeds.
We have found if we get to them early, about 3 hoeings seem to do the trick,
and its not a problem for the rest of the season.  I water by drip or drip
tape, and I think that helps minimize weed problems too.  What I do like
about using horse manure is what it adds to the texture of the soil.  We're
growing in sandy soil, and the manure helps add body to the soil even before
we have the chance to do any cover cropping.

Karen Phillips
Buckeye Farms
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> We have access to unlimited amounts of horse manure mixed with pine
> shavings. The feed for the animals contains no antibiotics or other
> harmful products. I would like to hear some ideas about the use of this
> product as a fertilizer on our organic farm. The manure comes from their
> stalls so weeds, etc. is not an issue. We allow the manure to sit for
> about six months prior to spreading on the field. Any suggestions/ideas
> regarding its use would be appreciated.
> Mike
> Flying Frog Farm
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