Small tractor vs. large rototiller

Karen Cannon kp_cannon at
Sun Oct 1 10:44:16 EDT 2000

Hi Mike,

I bought a BCS with tiller and sickle bar mower 3
years ago and love it. Extremely reliable, easy to
run, and I'm no good with machines. I used to use
tractors when I rented land on a larger farm and found
that I spent more time finding the attachments,
putting everything together, and then fixing whatever
was always broken than I actually did using the
equipment (of course they were not my machines so that
probably made everything more difficult).

I till about an acre with the BCS and it goes pretty
quickly now that the grass/hay is gone. I was doing
about 10 50x3 foot beds in half a day this spring.

Good luck sorting it all out.


Planet Veg
Maryland, zone 7
--- Michael Belluso <ymbelluso at> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I have a 5 acre farmette that has one acre for yard
> and 4 tillable acres adjoining.  I'm trying to
> decide
> between a large tiller like BCS or Troy-bilt.  My
> other option is to buy a small tractor and attach a
> PTO tiller.  Any helpful ideas from the group would
> be
> appreciated.  Is there a preference between tillers?
> This will be the first year for me so please excuse
> my
> confusion.  Thanks .  
> Please send mail :  ymbelluso at
> mike  
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