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How much customer traffic is generated by the mall?  How much comes from
people seeing a farmer's market from the street, and stopping because of the
farmer/vendors?  What do the mall managers hope to accomplish by moving you

Push the idea that you're an attraction for the mall; that you build
customer traffic; and that passers by love seeing the activity of a farmer's
market. Setting up inside the mall sounds clumsy, inconvenient to customers
and farmers alike.  Then, would having fresh produce stop customers from
going into some shops out of concern for bruising produce, staining retail
merchandise, and so on?  Wouldn't you create a clean up problem inside the
mall?  Would all fifty farmers do the set up for such a short period (two
hours) or might some of them drop out?  You say this is one of your best
markets.  Relate this to the managers and remind them that the current
formula works well for you.

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One of our farmer's market is sponsored by a shopping center  It is open
3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Monday.  We have about 50 vendors and is one of my
markets.  The managers of the shopping center wants us to move into the mall
requiring us to move our produce and stands in to the mall.  Cars are not
in the area where we will be located.

Does anyone out there have any thoughts regarding this move?

I feel that this is a mistake taking us out of view of the road.  It's also
hassle to carry stuff into the mall.  It was so easy to just unload from the
or truck.

Thank you,
James Nishida

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