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And many thousands of farmers have to do business during normal business
hours especially those that direct market!
Ed Maltby
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> I just received notice of the 2001 New York State Farmers Direct Marketing
> Conference in Owego, "Growing Your Profits".
> Once again, it's information I would love to have.  Looks like a great
> conference.
> And once again, it's being held on a Monday through a Wednesday (February
> 5-7), so I can't attend without losing several days of pay.
> I'll probably take the financial hit and attend -- at least it's enough
> advance notice that I might be able to put in a Saturday or two to lessen
> the impact (I thank Jim Grace at CCE for the early notification that makes
> this an option, and my progressive employers who are usually willing to at
> least discuss flexible schedules as long as the work gets done).
> But I still don't see why at least a few of these conferences can't be
> scheduled on weekends.  Aren't the organizers aware that many thousands of
> farmers are still in business only because they support their efforts with
> off-farm jobs?
> Gnarf.
> Dori Green
> Ash Grove Community Farm & Center for Sustainable Living
> Corning, NY
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